Explosion-Proof Valves Provide Reliable And Cost-Effective Explosion Protection

Explosion isolation flap valves are inexpensive, easy to install, and reliable. It is used in various industries where a dust hazard may exist, in the food, wood processing, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastic industries; IFVs are designed for explosion protection between process vessels such as dust collectors and cyclones.

An explosion protection valve is usually required when two or more process vessels are connected to the pipeline and there is a risk of explosion.

The isolating valve installed in the line closes rapidly by the circuit explosion pressure wave before the flame front arrives. It stops the flame from reaching the upper vessel, prevents the flame and blast pressure from reaching the attached vessel, and creates a secondary and often more energetic explosion.

The IFV flap is third-party certified as a dust control system. The IFV-M model adds integrated monitoring of the flap position and dust accumulation in the valve body, thus meeting the requirements.

These models feature a durable carbon steel body and a stainless steel flap. In normal operation, process airflow holds the lightweight flap open with minimal pressure drop. The cylindrical housing design minimizes the risk of product buildup, while the blade axle is mounted entirely within the housing to ensure leak-tightness.

Therefore, hiring a professional for installation is highly required.