Some Of The Types Of Marketing Material In Printing


Postcards are often mailing materials that feature a prominent image on one side and some sort of message on the back.

A rule of thumb when designing postcards is that the image should be so interesting it will catch the reader’s attention, and they’ll want to find out more information. This is where you place an effectively written and designed message with the help of experts from the company of printing services in Cork.

Sales Letters

Sales letters are typically full sheets of paper with a very well-written message selling a product or service. When writing and designing a sales letter, you’ll need to incorporate interesting typography, clear fonts, and create a message that is written so well, the reader will want to read the entire thing right to your call to action.

Leaflets and Pamphlets

These are small booklets either promoting a product or service or relaying some other kind of information that is crucial to your business. Pamphlets and leaflets are often designed as a stack of sheets that, when folded, create a cohesive written message.


Posters are large print materials meant to catch attention outdoors. They encompass large, typically high-contrast designs that are so vibrant they’ll get someone who is walking to stop and take a look. Extra-high print quality is crucial for printing posters, as a blurry or fragmented picture will quickly lose attention.

Now that you know a little about designing various marketing materials, take a second and ask yourself – are you a designer?

Because spending money on marketing materials is only as useful as how well they portray your message, catch a potential customer’s eye, and tie-down their interest for just long enough to get your point across.