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Rising Popularity of Abstract Art Prints in UK

Modern art emerged in the 20th century, with abstract art being one of the most important foundations of distinct artistic styles. Abstract art is revolutionary; takes the artist in an entirely new direction. You can decorate your home with beautiful abstract art prints available in UK.

Mark Rothko remains America's most respected abstract artist, and Barnett Newman is also an important contributor. The design of the Rothko chapel itself actually features objects from Newman's career outside of it.

The modern home needs a new art style for its walls – Revival and Decorative masterpieces will strive to achieve this minimalist lifestyle.

Abstract art has helped influence contemporary home design and can provide adequate decoration through 20th-century art prints. Along with Rothko and Newman, another popular choice was Vasily Kandinsky who influenced these new ideas in the early days.

Pete Mondrian is a Dutch neoclassic, and his abstract work is often reproduced for appropriate decoration as well. Mondrian used yellow and red abstract blocks to create different sequences to represent different scenes.

This artist's classic paintings are not only popular reproductions of prints, but the originals have become one of the most expensive acquisitions in art history. The media headlines usually build on the fame of these artists and draw attention to their careers.