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How to Hire Comedy Club Comedians

There's a bit of artistry involved in finding the right environment to perform. If you're a comedian, you want to book a comedy club that's both inviting and honest. The one thing you don't want to do is end up in a sleazy backroom where they sell used cars in the front 

When in search of the perfect venue, don't be fooled by a smiling face and good suit; you want to make sure that your performance space is clean, and open, and will leave you feeling like you've just performed for your icon.

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Gotham Comedy Club in New York City

When booking a comedy club, your first concern is the atmosphere. If you wear a particularly dark shade of blue during your routines, you'd best steer clear of booking comedy clubs that moonlight as Mormon retirement homes –no sense in giving granny a heart attack if she's not gonna laugh on her way out.

You also want to make sure you're as comfortable at the club you've booked as the owners. If you're a straight-laced performer, don't book a place that doesn't know the definition of the last call. Remember, comfort is the key.

Think about the club surroundings. There's nothing worse than being a chocolate chip in a batch of marshmallows if you catch my drift. If you're going to risk being a social outcast, you've got to be prepared to make them laugh until their sides split; trust the audience won't participate if you're not hilarious. But remember, adversity shows character and gives you excellent material for future performances.

Think about who's going to pay you and how much. Stay ambitious. If you've got a name and a following, always look to book a comedy club that's going to offer you what you're worth. A good tip: if the club is in a great area, is a relatively big venue, and has a solid reputation, chances are this club's got the cash to accommodate you and your posse. It's best to consider this first when booking a comedy club.