What are Cat Back Exhaust Systems?

A Cat Back Exhaust System is a type of exhaust system that replaces the factory exhaust system on a car. They are popular because they allow the car to have a louder sound and they provide more horsepower. Most cars will come with a cat back exhaust system already installed. If you decide to get one, make sure that it fits properly and does not cause any problems for the car to drive. Hop over here to buy the best exhaust system.

Are Cat Back Exhaust Systems Legal? Yes, a cat back exhaust system is legal in all 50 states. This type of exhaust system cannot be detected by police radar since it has no catalytic converters or mufflers. You can even install a cat back stainless steel exhaust on your vehicle without getting in trouble with law enforcement. The only time installation of this type of exhaust would cause any problems would be if you have had previous problems with installing an aftermarket system (i.e., high-power systems).

What Size Cat Back Exhaust Do I Need? The size of the exhaust system depends on your desired gains. If you are using a 5-horsepower or smaller engine, we recommend a straight pipe cat back exhaust system since it will offer the best power gains. However, if you plan to install a larger system on your vehicle, we recommend an X-pipe. 

To determine if your vehicle requires a cat back exhaust system, look closely at the vehicle's ECU. This computer is responsible for controlling all of the components of your engine, including power and fuel economy. If you have electronic fuel injection, then your ECU should be able to control the amount of fuel being injected into the cylinders at any given time. However, many vehicles equipped with an older type of computer also need a cat back exhaust system since they require factory catalytic converters to operate properly.