Charlotte Laser Tattoo Removal – What is the Process

Many people choose to have body art. Not just those who are stereotypically bikers or criminals. It can not only be as expressive and interesting as it is but can also cause embarrassment or annoyance depending on the individual. These people find laser tattoo removal appealing.

People who didn't like their tattoos had two options: either cover it with a new one or ignore it. But thanks to technology that today we have more innovative and non-invasive treatments available for tattoo removal. If you are thinking of having your tattoo removed, consider getting laser tattoo removal from professional dermatologists in Charlotte. You can contact them through

Laser tattoo removal can be done in an outpatient clinic and by a dermatologist. The ink is injected into the skin's upper layers to remove a tattoo. At that point, the skin molecules will bond with the ink. These molecules can be removed by laser heat. Laser light is used in combination with heat to stimulate the production of clear, new skin tissue.

Laser tattoo removal must be performed slowly. Otherwise, there's a high chance of scarring. It may take several sessions to remove a tattoo. The length of each session will depend on the size and color (darker takes more time). The area to be treated will be wrapped and given care instructions.