How to Create an Exciting Explainer Video

Do you plan to end the year with an exciting explainer video? You know these videos explain your products and services to the consumers within a span of 60 to 90 seconds. Because this video will be on your landing page, it must be something great so consumers are eager to buy your product.

Making explainer videos is not too difficult but getting it right definitely is. Today we will discuss some of the tips of insiders who will put you on the right track. Are you excited because we are definitely! Well, before we get started, just look at the top 10 animated explainer videos that blew us away.



The key lies in the script

Your video requires a script – which we mean is that you need to know what you want to convey through the video and get the idea through scripts so that everyone is involved in making video know what they need to do. Ask your creative team to do brainstorming sessions and come up with a concept that will definitely excite consumers.

Keep it short

Remember key phrases – KISS which means keep it simple silly. The simpler the subject matter the easier it is for the consumer to grasp it. The creativity lies in presenting it in an exciting tone. That is where you need to do the main work.

Highlight the benefits of products and services offered and not features

Your idea should be to sell the product and for that, you need to make the consumer understand that buying your product will help them get rid of a problem. Hence, highlighting the benefits is better and will yield effective results.